Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fed Up ......

Tonight is very slow night. Got headache. Maybe Migrane. Still remember my last migrane when i was 15 years old. Nobody can touch my head even my hair since it very painful. I still remember when my fingers become numb because i hold alot of ice to reduce the pain. however it just for few hours and the migrane come back. My sister took me to the clinic and the doctor advice me to take pain killer. i have to divide a pill into 2 pieces and take it only when i feel the pain. luckly i feel like in heaven when i took that pills. maybe I in High. since the drugs prescribed by doctor, my sister said its ok. but after PMR and got place in SM Teknik Alor Setar. The migrane never come back. Or maybe when i am studied in SMT i am too busy helping my mother running our family business.

but today the same pain i feel it again. hope it will dissapear tommorrow...... sleep early la tonight.

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Johnny Ong said...

i have been advised to reduce my intake of painkillers as i'm already on the high end of those painkillers pills ..... really crazy