Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eat, Life and Phones?

Nowadays. I can say everybody have at least one mobile phone.. From kids in primary school, tills old folks in Rumah Orang Orang Tua, they have at least one.. And for those who have more than one scandals and affairs.. They usually have 2-3 mobile phones.. I have a friend he carries 3 and sometimes 4 active mobile phones..(Crazy rite.. Or shall I call him mobilephonefreako?) No no no.. Its not good to give people bad nickname...

Back to the topic.. How far mobile phone influence ur day life? What happen if ur for forgot to bring ur phone?

Trust me. 9O% will say that mobile phone are essential gadget n must be with u every seconds...

But do we realize that mobile phone are violating ur privacy?

Its because nowadays in the sake of technology we allowing more people able to contact or reach us. The worst is, when the rang us during the wrong time

I almost laugh when I heard someone phone rang during solat jemaah in masjid (definitely I am not khusyuk!!!)-silly tone doh... But are we so that important till need to answer a phone call during pray time?...

For me ... We only exploiting our privacy time. So without mobile phone... Ur boss will realize that he only can instruct his worker within the office hour.

So we can utilize our free time at the fullest.

p/s- pic as illustration only

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Forgive and forgiveness

We can't stop our self from make mistakes.. As we a human.. Are not only born alone die alone (wah.. Same as my blog title) we also born to make mistake..

I also don't understand why mat saleh love to use idioms using born...

So from kids till now we always make mistake.. Nevertheless big or small.. Mistake is mistake.. So if someone hurt or heart taken from our behavior..we must ask for forgiveness..

Hey.. Don't wait for hari raya.. And then u ask for forgiveness.. (Sangat hampeh)

But let we move our thought.. I mean not moving ur brain but think a little deep..

What happen IF YOU RUB YOUR FRIEND'S FACE ON THE ROAD.. PUBLIC HUMILLIATION.. and then suddenly you ask forgiveness of ur bad behavior from him\her...

What the hell.. So cheap ar.. Imagine.. U slap some people face and then u ask for forgiveness. How about the pain.. U not the person how feel the pain...can asking forgiveness can compensate the pain?..
Definitely not!

So I strongly advise to all the reader.. Please think twice or more before u do something..or speak.. U might be hurting people around u if u not watch ur mouth...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dereyan oh Dereyan

~Oh kome, durian sudah bunge.. Mari kita.. Pinang anak daro...~

Ingat lagu OS.. ? Femes oo dulu dulu.. Taim durian sangat mahal.. Kira kalau ada pokok durian leh jadi kaya raya la..

Desway la ada pepatah kata "dapat durian runtuh...- kira bawa maksud dapat rezeki yang banyak tanpa di sangka-sangka..."

Punya ler mahai kan.. Maybe sebab tu la orang ramai tanam pokok dereyan.. Yer la.. Semua feeling nak kaya la tu... Tup tup sebab punya banyak production.. Kedebush. .. Harga jatuh.. Melopong semua... Tapi petani dereyan kat siam sana tetap kaya raya.. Buah dereyan depa siap leh import g oversea (not only malaysia.. But to whole world..!)

Tapi petani malaysia ermm.. But dengar kata buah dereyan kita dah masuk pasaran Taiwan.. Tepuk tepuk tepuk... ~dok imagine camner la kapal kargo tu bau yer sebab ada durian.. Fengsan...~

Tanhiah ler kat petani malaysia terutama petani melayu (harap harap melayu la) sebab dah sampai peringkat international.. And tak perlu mengharap local demand jer....

serius cakap.. Kawan lebih suka taste dereyan D24 .. Even ramai kata musang king is better.. Nak buat camner kan.. Lidah ni tetap suka D24 , maybe sebab dari kecik makan D24, (teringat zaman family pajak satu dusun kat balik pulau dulu.. Sangat marbeles taim tu..)

Yer la.. Taim tu mana ada buffet buffet dereyan ni... Sekarang bersepah..every coner jalan ada jer buffet... Kawan ada try.. agak mendukacita kan .. Sebab durian dia sgt tak sedap.. I mean tawar.. Baik beli durian kat giant.. Cantik jer tersusun dalam polistren yang sangat tak baik untuk alam sekitar...

But for those yang bekempunan nak makan durian bila off season tu.. Korang ada option kat Paparich.sebab ABC durian nyer sedap n durian tu taste laie sedap dari buffet dereyan but one scoope jer la.. Ok la buat buang kempunan... (Cam gambar di atas...)

Sedap kan...

Friday, January 6, 2012


Haiyoo its almost mid january... Baru nak citer pasal resolution....I really wonder.. Why the mat salleh call it resolution...

Does it mean we have to do all the
solution again?

Or we have to re do a solution to complete the incomplete resolution?

So complicated (I never use resolution words coz I don't think I need to re do a solution for my problem.)..

... Anyway... My wish for 2012 are.. ..

Be healthy and start learn to save some money....

Haiya.. I spend so much last year like ur idols who have plenty collection of berkin's beg.. that rumors said-la not me...(I believe.. If she bought it, it must from her saving pocket money)

FYI- I do not have berkin bag (even petaling street ones)

Last year.. My money flow like a toilet flush.. One flush.. Kebush.. 3 to 5 gallons potable water wasted...

So mean that I am not monitoring my finance seriously..and coz me loss a lot..

so no new handphone, no more fancy gadjet , no more .. No more...

But rumors said IPAD3 will launch soon...oh oh oh.. I hope I can stand the temptation...ahaks..

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Mai jer awal tahun or bulan january.. ASB adalah issue yang best untuk sembang..

Berapa dapat?..
Banyak nyer..

Tapi kawan rasa.. Bagus juga ASB ni.. Dia leh buat simpanan or leh jadi bonos awal tahun...

Tapi kalau orang punya ramai nak buat urusniaga cam ni.. Mau berasap... Soba jo la..

Cubaan untuk post gambar via email..

Cubaan post gambar via email..

Ni gambar imam fainted or stuffed terung..

Post guna email

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