Friday, January 6, 2012


Haiyoo its almost mid january... Baru nak citer pasal resolution....I really wonder.. Why the mat salleh call it resolution...

Does it mean we have to do all the
solution again?

Or we have to re do a solution to complete the incomplete resolution?

So complicated (I never use resolution words coz I don't think I need to re do a solution for my problem.)..

... Anyway... My wish for 2012 are.. ..

Be healthy and start learn to save some money....

Haiya.. I spend so much last year like ur idols who have plenty collection of berkin's beg.. that rumors said-la not me...(I believe.. If she bought it, it must from her saving pocket money)

FYI- I do not have berkin bag (even petaling street ones)

Last year.. My money flow like a toilet flush.. One flush.. Kebush.. 3 to 5 gallons potable water wasted...

So mean that I am not monitoring my finance seriously..and coz me loss a lot..

so no new handphone, no more fancy gadjet , no more .. No more...

But rumors said IPAD3 will launch soon...oh oh oh.. I hope I can stand the temptation...ahaks..

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