Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Forgive and forgiveness

We can't stop our self from make mistakes.. As we a human.. Are not only born alone die alone (wah.. Same as my blog title) we also born to make mistake..

I also don't understand why mat saleh love to use idioms using born...

So from kids till now we always make mistake.. Nevertheless big or small.. Mistake is mistake.. So if someone hurt or heart taken from our behavior..we must ask for forgiveness..

Hey.. Don't wait for hari raya.. And then u ask for forgiveness.. (Sangat hampeh)

But let we move our thought.. I mean not moving ur brain but think a little deep..

What happen IF YOU RUB YOUR FRIEND'S FACE ON THE ROAD.. PUBLIC HUMILLIATION.. and then suddenly you ask forgiveness of ur bad behavior from him\her...

What the hell.. So cheap ar.. Imagine.. U slap some people face and then u ask for forgiveness. How about the pain.. U not the person how feel the pain...can asking forgiveness can compensate the pain?..
Definitely not!

So I strongly advise to all the reader.. Please think twice or more before u do something..or speak.. U might be hurting people around u if u not watch ur mouth...

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..:: azhnor ::.. said...

wah.. lama x hupdate blog.. suddenly tajuk 'forgive and forgiveness'.. =)