Monday, November 16, 2009

Karnataka Wedding - Part 3

Pagi pagi laie dah bersiap siap nak p tempat semalam. Baju Raya 5 thn lepas still muat di sarung... so ari ni nak cerita sikit bab adat istiadat orang india banglore
my pic with my bos, chandran and his wife and Sabapaty wife

tempat kawen
groom and his mother (seb baik aku tak beli baju cam ni )
music band

smayang dulu
Adit (anak bungsu my boss (still available) ) ikat apa tah nama tu kat kepala abg dia

bride dan adik bungsu dia (sebelah dia-yang sorang laie tah tak kenai) (still available laie)

Pre-Wedding Rituals

This ritual takes place a day or two just before the wedding. In this the girl is besmeared with oil and turmeric for purification called as mangala snanam after which she adorns a new saree . The bride-in-waiting is asked to decorate her tresses with flowers and adorn her hand with vibrant coloured bangles. The assembled espoused women are gifted with flowers, bangles, sweets and beetle leaves . This act towards the espoused lades is to enable them to shower blessings on the bride-in¬waiting and welcome her to their fold.

Kashi Yatra
Kashi Yatra is a traditional ceremony in which the boy after the thread ceremony prepares for sanyasa leaving behind all the worldly pleasures and heads t o Kashi. This strange but very appropriate ceremony and is called 'Kashi Yatra" or the journey to Kashi. By washing the feet of the groom, the bride's brother persuades the groom to abstain from taking up Sanyasa.

Gauri Puja
When the bride performs the Gauri Puja, the groom participates in the ritual at the seine time.

Ganesha puja
Ganesha puja is considered propitious for any significant occasion as it ensures the success of the work, at hand

Wedding Ritual

The Kanyandaanam ritual in wedding ceremony is striking as well as wonderful. It is the girls maternal uncle (Maamaiyya), who brings her to the mandapam or the wedding place lead by young purohiths chanting vedic mantras. The bride is well dressed and decked with precious jewellery.. As per the wedding procedure, a screen is placed between the bride and the groom till the wedding is completed. The bridegroom holds the right hand of the bride and takes the following oath:

Dharmecha.Arthecha. Kaamecha. Naathicharami
After the Kanyadaanam, the parents of the bride wash the boy's feet with milk & wipe his feet with silk cloth. It is more so done with the view that the groom is considered as a figure of God in Hindu weddings, the parents giving away their daughter in marriage to the groom is considered like gifting their most

The espoused women in India wear mangalsutra as a sign of marriage.
This is performed by the groom tying the Mangalsutra (yellow thread) around the neck, of the bride with three consecutive knots.

At the end of the Mangalsutra ceremony, the couple exchange garlands. This is followed by showering of flower petals and Akshata (the offering of uncooked rice mixed in turmeric) by the gathering as a mark of blessing.

Is a unique ritual specialty featuring in the Telugu wedding, where a paste of cummin seeds and jaggery is prepared. he bride and the groom dab this paste on top of each other's head. The idea behind applying this paste o f cumin seeds and jaggery, is that the two diverse components coming together and are united as one and forever.

The bridegroom firmly holds the right hand of the bride and declares `I hereby hold your hand so that we may have worthy children, and be blessed to be united. may Lord lndra, Varuna and Savitru bless me to be an ideal householder with your kind support

The penultimate event of immense significance is Saptapadi the seven step's taken by the married couple from the north side of the sacred fire. For each of the seven steps, a vedic mantra is recited by the bridegroom, entreating her to support him through the journey of life. The couple then goes around the fire in in Pradakshina seeking the blessings of God and settle down to perform the homa to Agni- the cod: of fire -the sacrificail offer to various manifestations of God through Agni is to seek his grace for a. long, happy and prosperous married life.

Arundhati Darshanam
The young couple is advised to take a look at the Arundhathti nakshatram so that life becomes as stable and noble as that of Arundhathi and Vashishtha.. Then the assembly blesses the young couple for continued glory, prosperity & happiness.

The couple is showered with akshatham and flowers again while the priests continue the recitation of prescribed Vedic hymns. Alt the family members and friends now come and bless them for their life ahead

yea.. menantu baru.. anak ada 2 , 2-2 laki...

menantu baru... anak dia ada 2 jer... 2-2 pompuan...
nasi kenduri.. vegi mode... sedap.. kenyang gila.. kalau nampak kurang ada orang terus tambah..
bunga telur

bunga kelapa rupanyer

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Karnataka Wedding - Part 2

S hotel.. simple jer nama.. so sampai tengah tengah hujan lebat... adess.... kawan dah hampir kebuluran...yer la.. dari kul 7am sampai kul 3 pm tak menelan... Masuk Bangalore ni.. adess.. jem dia tahap tahap jem nenas...sodap kalau sapu kat roti.. so kawan bos kasi le bilik.. perhh bilik.. ermm tgk la sendiri.. yang penting dok sowang sowang...apa laie..pas makan terus la membuta...

bilik ni di sponser oleh pihak pengantin pompuan.. 60bilik depa booking... mewah....

Kul 6.30am semua turun sebab ada Night reception .. wah.. malam pn ada majlis ka? tempat tu nama Tamarind Inn. Apa laie begaya sakan ler ngan scaf... hero hindustan la katakan

keter pengantin
pintu masuk ke dalam taman
gerbang nak masuk ker tamarind inn tu
kolam ikan- banyak oo hekan dalam ni...

food food and makan


tu dia.. semua bunga fresh yer.. (loaded ni.. yer la kalau tak takkan mampu bayar Dowri sampai USD 1million)

abis jer acara ,sebab semua letih.. maka rondaan ke Bangalore di bataklan.. ni yang leceh jalan ngan geng orang tua ni...