Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eat, Life and Phones?

Nowadays. I can say everybody have at least one mobile phone.. From kids in primary school, tills old folks in Rumah Orang Orang Tua, they have at least one.. And for those who have more than one scandals and affairs.. They usually have 2-3 mobile phones.. I have a friend he carries 3 and sometimes 4 active mobile phones..(Crazy rite.. Or shall I call him mobilephonefreako?) No no no.. Its not good to give people bad nickname...

Back to the topic.. How far mobile phone influence ur day life? What happen if ur for forgot to bring ur phone?

Trust me. 9O% will say that mobile phone are essential gadget n must be with u every seconds...

But do we realize that mobile phone are violating ur privacy?

Its because nowadays in the sake of technology we allowing more people able to contact or reach us. The worst is, when the rang us during the wrong time

I almost laugh when I heard someone phone rang during solat jemaah in masjid (definitely I am not khusyuk!!!)-silly tone doh... But are we so that important till need to answer a phone call during pray time?...

For me ... We only exploiting our privacy time. So without mobile phone... Ur boss will realize that he only can instruct his worker within the office hour.

So we can utilize our free time at the fullest.

p/s- pic as illustration only

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