Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am So Hot...

Ha ha ha... tetiba mode perasan..

Marhaba Marhaba Marhaba... Musim Panas dah datang... Aiyok... rase cam nak mendidih otak... For those yang rase rase nak kasi tanned badan tu ... you are most welcome here.. but dont forget to bring sunblock... ha ha ha...

Panas kat Sudan...ermm Mmg Panas... Aircond leh kata 24 7 ..above picture taken by my associate when they when out for lunch.. Kira leh bakar Kek dalam keter la...

but look at the bright side..
there are previllage during summer time in sudan...

1) you got free warm water at every morning
2) you can wear warm cloths every morning
3) you can use warm towel anytime
4) there is an excuse to stay inside the house (mode malas kuar)
5) and i like this weather... (My S.H always said that this kind of weather is suit for me coz i am jenis tak tahan sejuk...)

However be careful due to excessive expose to temperature... to aviod from heat stroke or migrane..

1) drink a plenty of water
2) bath
3) stay inside
4) take more citrus juice eg oranges, grapes... (can reduce the thirsty feeling)
5) watch amout of sugar intake.. (panas panas ni mmg sedap dapat air manis)

bydaway... today i sakit kepala... denyut rase... hu hu hu

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