Saturday, June 27, 2009

Amr Moustofa - Lamastak

kalau kawan suka Nancy Ajram.. My SH suka lak Amr Mustofa.. so kawan tanya ler accountant kat sini.. she said most of Egyption love him.. no wonder la SH suka sangat.. so kawan pn cari la lagu dia.. jumpa this song... memang menarik melodi it...for SH.. this song for u....

Amr Moustafa - I Touched You
I touched you and forgot life
And you are the one I dream to live with one day
And tonight is the beginning
May you be with me
Tonight this lifetime of mine began

We gotta live
C'mon get closer
Let's go to the most remote place darling
We'll forget that which is out of our hands
We'll live for the moment
What is inside us has manifested

Where did you go with your eyes
Yeah, you are beside me and I'll live my years for you
My life, come closer to me, oh my life and eyes
We'll live life if but for two days

عمرو مصطفى - لمستك

لمستك نسيت الحياه
وانت اللى بحلم اعيش يوم معاه
والليله هى البدايه وخليك معايا
دةعمرى الليله دى ابتدا

ولازم نعيش يللا قرب كمان
تعالى حبيبى لأبعد مكان
ننسا اللى ضاع من ئيدينا نعيش بسلينا
خلاص اللى جوانا بان

سرحت بعيونك لفين
ايوة انت جمبى وهعشلك سنين
وحياتى قرب علييا يا عمرىوعنييا
نعيش الحياه لو يومين

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